• North Perry Airport in Pembroke Pines

    North Perry Airport services the entire Pembroke Pines as a public airport in Broward County. It is located 5 miles west of the CBD of Hollywood. The Broward County aviation oversees all the airport operations. The facility is committed to serving public and private activities, including business aircraft activity. The county’s aviation department claims ownership of the airport facility.



    It was named in honor of Henry Perry, an industrious dairy farmer who sold over 600 acres of his land to the U.S. Navy in 1943 to facilitate the conversion of the land into a flight training field. It was first named North Perry Field and began as an auxiliary training facility. NAS Miami, the primary naval air station, first used the field to conduct its operations. The field remained rather inactive until the period following the end of the war. However, in 1950, Broward County made the decision to acquire and convert it into a civilian airport before upgrading it to be used by small aircraft. The advertisement of blimps is one of the first operations conducted at the facility. U.S. Coast Guard also found the ground very useful in nurturing search and rescue skills using helicopters. Apparently, it was a very useful field for practicing various forms of skills related to the navy and aviation. Unfortunately, it suffered a minor setback in 2005 when it was hit by the devastating Hurricane Wilma. Hurricanes are some of the natural calamities that cause loss of life and massive destruction of property in several counties across U.S. states.



    The facility boasts four runways and covers an entire area of about 536 acres. The runways are almost of the same size and are made of asphalt. Two of these runways: 19R/1L and 10R/28L can manage the 24-hour operation and are well-lit for the same. The 164 T-Hangars can sufficiently handle aircraft storage. In addition, the airport also experiences widespread flight training activity.



    To enhance user parking experience at the airport, the facility uses smart technology that brings utmost convenience. This has generally made parking very easy, thanks to the vibrant, multi-million-dollar on-site parking initiative. With more than 12, 000 dedicated parking spaces to help motorists to park on site on an hourly or daily basis, it is safe to say that road users, particularly motorists, enjoy vast parking spaces when conducting business at the facility. In addition, the areas are often well lit to allow users to see properly when parking their motor vehicles. Security guards also patrol the areas to ensure that all vehicles and individuals are safe, giving everyone the much-needed peace of mind. There are also color-coded signs to guide users within the parking complex to allow them to easily locate spaces near their airline’s terminal.


    Taxi Cabs

    There are also numerous taxi cab companies to help facilitate movement to and from the airport. Whether you want to arrive in style for your planned trip or business meeting, you can choose from the wide range of luxury sedans to ensure you have a journey of a lifetime.


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